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3 Ways To Come Back From Hiatus Like A Boss

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

When you're trying to #accomplish something, say like building a business, sometimes the "overwhelm" can be too much to handle. So instead of saying the "F" with it and giving up read about the 3 ways you can come back from a break, setback or a vacation feeling empowered & refreshed like the boss you are.

Organization is Key

I think people underestimate the power of #organization. Heck, I sure did. I had so many projects both small and large coming at me earlier in the year that I literally took a break once everything was done. I got missing, I stopped showing up. Feeling overwhelmed was a continuous, daily emotion that made me not want to respond to emails which of course, led me to lose potential business. Redflag: you know something's not right when you don't even want to respond to potential business inquires.

What I realized is that I had set up my business to fail. Being excited and ready to conquer the world is one thing but when you don't set up the proper systems to enable it to run efficiently; you are sure to go splat much sooner than later.

Things that helped me get organized:

  • Set up your paperwork. It's good that you have your logo on your invoices and letterhead, but it's even better if you have your processes automated and effortless to find. Organize, name and file documents in a system on your desktop that makes it easy to refer back to as you gain new customers and retain old ones.

  • Stay consistent on all of your #socialmedia platforms. While you're "away mentally", think about how you will come back from the hiatus. Do you like how you're showing up on line or even in your brick and mortar? Write your thoughts down, develop a plan and take baby steps towards it. The goal here is to not overwhelm yourself. Besides, who wants to have a breakdown while on vacation from their breakdown?? If nothing else, brainstorm and bring your ideas back to the office to confer with colleagues.

  • Stop being lazy. Develop the right habits like time management to help you feel in control of your life. When you feel like you're running things and not feeling like you have been ran, magical things happen. Forming new habits take time, so be gentle with yourself and have patience.

Listen to Podcasts

Who doesn't like to listen to good conversation? Podcasts, Audible and other hands free learning tools can be a game changer. These tools feed your soul, depending of course on what you're listening to. But you could be cleaning your home while listening, multitasking at its core. There is so much out there in the world to consume ranging from soothing sounds to business advice. Pick one and put you're feet up. I guarantee you'll get motivated, inspired and get those creative juices flowing.

Keep Goals Top of Mind

Remember why you had to get away in the first place? More than likely you forgot what you were doing all of this for. Perhaps you placed your attention on the wrong things like busy work. Busy work is work that can be done later and isn't top priority. Your mindset is key. By writing down your to do list for the day and then constantly referring back to it is a powerful tool. Seeing things get checked off provides an instant sense of gratification. Feeling good naturally causes a domino effect which makes you amped to keep going.

Keep Going. That's the end goal after all, right? Taking the action steps that enable us to feel empowered instead of overwhelmed when we are unable to accomplish the steps themselves. So the next time you feel like waving that white flag, call a time out. Take notice and see what's not working in your life. Taking the time to do this now, will mean you can take that vacation and come back even more empowered and focused than ever before.