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About Us

The love of figuring out the connections between brands and people gets me up in the mornings...and the help of my dogs too.


Hi, I'm Tanya White, designer, consultant, immense poodle lover and founder of Hone Creative. I created Hone after years of making other businesses successful as an employee. In 2017 I started Hone for three reasons. I had a huge dream of becoming my own boss, I love design and solving problems, and lastly, I wanted to help small to medium sized businesses compete competitively with the big dogs.


I am the creative mind (& slight workaholic) behind the team that makes up Hone Creative. Hone is a professional, creative branding and marketing agency located in the beautiful foothills of North Carolina.  We design custom, well researched business solutions unique to your brand. We don't believe in cookie cutter, one size fits all solutions either.  We do this successfully through strategy. Along with strategy we use other tools to help showcase your unique story to the world.


Here, we take relationships seriously. Our focus is on creating content that is engaging, captivating and true to you. We listen, so that we can together, communicate the right, authentic message to your customers.

The love for design and detail are innate, and the drive to go further to create unique brand experiences makes Hone Creative different. Add some canine friends, mix it with uncompromised craftsmanship and confidence in our ability to deliver to you an exceptional experience; you'll understand why we love what we do.

On a personal note, I spent 13 years outside the city limits of Atlanta, GA as a store manager for a luxury retailer. Before moving back to North Carolina, I gained  invaluable experience learning to develop and nurture relationships to some very important people. CEO's, Presidents of company's, business leaders and other movers and shakers in the community added to my professional acumen with their different personalities and backgrounds. Couple that with a Master's Degree in Media Design, you'll understand how Hone Creative has been able to help a number of diverse businesses build and execute their strategy for increased attention and revenue.

In summary, the whole team is giddy about this stuff. If you haven't noticed, we're pretty giddy about dogs too (I'm a little bit biased towards poodles). So much so, 10% of all of our projects support The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. All of our meetings are by appointment only. So there is a good chance you may see one of these important team members by our side when you are in our office.